A downloadable bonafide NES game

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Basically, this is a standalone expansion /mini-sequel to The Cowlitz Gamers' 2nd Adventure. I say mini-sequel because it's only 18 stages (16 plus 2 hidden chambers, compared to the original's 54) and it features the same gameplay mechanics.

It does, however, feature new playable characters. Beat the game at each difficulty to unlock new pairs of playable characters- many you might already know!

Also, many of the 18 stages that did make the cut were inspired by stages in an unreleased predecessor to the original Cowlitz Gamers Adventure programmed for the ZX Spectrum.

Here for the Homebrew Leaderboard Competition? Beat the game at the highest difficulty with all 16 diamonds, as much gold as you can carry, and in as quick a time as possible (and if permitted, with a buddy) for the highest possible score (time bonuses are based on time remaining on the clock at the end of each stage).

Good luck! Stream it you'd like, tag me on twitter, @mteegfx if you do. :)

Łukasz Kur: Programming & Game Design
M-Tee: Graphics & Game Design
Robi: Music

Tags2D, Arcade, Co-op, Local Co-Op, NES, Pixel Art, Retro
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsGamepad (any), Joystick
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

You can find this game on Action 53 Vol. 4: Actually 54 or download the standalone ROM below. You'll need an emulator. Mesen's suggested, but not required. :)


Cowlitz Gamers Lost Adv.nes 64 kB